Online Casino Programs

A casino affiliate works in collaboration with an online casino and advertises its products or services. He/she gets a fair amount for every new player that deposits something on the casino site or visits its different pages to gain knowledge.

The casino affiliate invites people to join different online casino programs through a unique affiliate link. There are a large number of payment models for affiliates and casino websites to attract more and more customers.

What is a Casino Affiliate Program?

A casino affiliate program or online casino VIP program is a way of splitting the work of finding new players. The affiliate is not only responsible for bringing in new people but also drives traffic to the casino site in a number of ways. For example, he can set up his own blog or site and advertise the casino website on it. Another idea is to share the unique affiliate link on social media sites and encourage people to sign up.

When a person clicks on the casino website through an affiliate link, the casino pays a decent amount to the affiliate. The term “affiliate” is not unique to the world of online casinos. It originated in different industries years ago. An affiliate is allowed to work independently or in a team. He must bring in a good number of players or customers to earn a lot of money. An affiliate can be anyone like a passionate player or a marketer.

What is Revenue Share?

what is revenue shareRevenue share means that the affiliate will get paid depending on how many players he has introduced to the casino website. His earnings also depend on the overall performance of the players who sign up through the affiliate link.

If they perform well and deposit huge amounts, the affiliate will continue receiving money.

If you want to earn a lot of money, you should introduce good players to the casino website and encourage them to play regularly.

  • The revenue share program pays out a specific percentage of the player’s losses.
  • Experienced affiliates earn a lot of money as they know how to bring in new people.

How to Join an Online Casino Affiliate Program?

Almost all casinos provide their players with a chance to become affiliates. If you want to join this program, you first need to check the casino’s Affiliate Program page and read the rules and regulations. Next, you should sign up to become an affiliate and begin promoting the casino through your special affiliate link. One of the biggest advantages of online casino affiliate programs is that you can promote as many affiliate links, as you like.

Different Types of Online Casino Affiliate Programs

There is three main types of online casino affiliate programs: CPL, CPA and Revenue Share. CPL (Cost Per Lead) is one of the best programs out there. If you join this program, you will receive a commission for every person you introduce to the casino. Make sure he/she signs up as soon as possible; otherwise, you may not get a decent amount. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is another online casino affiliate program you can join.

As an affiliate, you will get a commission when the player signs up and deposits a good amount. Some casino websites require their players to wager specific amounts before they could pay something to the affiliates. The third main type is the Revenue Share. Like the other two programs, the revenue share program is simple and straightforward. You will continue getting paid depending on the performance of the players who sign up using your affiliate link.

Why You Should Choose the Revenue Share Program

CPL, CPA, and Revenue Share are great online casino affiliate programs. They have been revolutionizing the gambling industry in one-way or the other. Both CPA and CPL are being used in other industries too. The main reason why you should go with the revenue share program is that it keeps giving you money. This means when the player you have referred to the casino website plays, wins or loses something, you will get a good amount.

On the other hand, if you depend on the CPA program, you may not be able to earn sufficiently. A revenue share program is a good option for people who are looking for long-term earning opportunities. If you introduce five people to the casino website and all of them sign up and deposit money, you will get a percentage of their winnings. The more they play, the higher your chances are of earning something.


We suggest you do proper research on the casino website. It is also important to promote multiple casino affiliate links to increase your earnings. Next, you must remember the rules and regulations of the casino websites. The UK Gambling Commission is always interested in the advertising and marketing activities of online casinos, and affiliates need to be aware of its terms and conditions. For example, the UK Gambling Commission demands that the marketing campaigns should not be appealing to the people below 18.

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