Online Gambling vs Sports Betting: pros and cons

online gambling

Many people are used to betting online at bookmakers and playing at casinos. Until now, the debate continues about which version of the game and earnings is better. In this material will analyze which is better, online gambling or sports betting, how they differ from each other and what are their pros and cons.

Online Gambling

An online casino is a website or special program that allows you to play gambling on the Internet. Online casinos may specialize in slot machines, roulette, poker, or other card games. The likelihood of winning largely depends on the settings of the machine.

All gambling establishments are divided into two types: legal and illegal. It is almost impossible to win in illegal casinos since a company that does not obey the law and does not bear the responsibility to the state can configure the program as it pleases.

In legal casinos, winning is still real. They pay winnings, and the slots sometimes give good multipliers (you can increase the bet amount 100 or 1,000 times per spin). So the advantage of a casino is the ability to win a lot and quickly.

Another advantage of online gambling is that casinos offer good bonuses for registration, first deposit, or a certain number of games. But here you need to be careful and study the rules: most likely, you will need to wager the received amount several times before you can withdraw it.

The main disadvantage of online gambling is that the probability of winning is still quite small.

Sports Betting

Betting on sports is a kind of bet between a player and a bookmaker’s office. A person tries to predict the outcome of an event, betting on whether it will happen or not. As a result, the player will win or lose.

In betting, unlike in a casino, it is easier to win. For example, sometimes the probability of winning can be 50% because in almost all bookmaker companies you can bet on an even or odd match score (the probability of both events is equal). This is the advantage of sports betting.

Yet, the downside is that you can’t win a lot at once. For a player to be able to multiply the bet amount by 100 or 1,000 times, as in a casino, in betting he will have to guess several events at the same time (place an accumulator bet, where the odds of events are multiplied by each other). In this case, if at least one event is lost, the entire bet will be lost.

The advantage of sports betting is those bookmaker companies, like online casinos, offer various bonuses. But, the bonus money will also have to be wagered several times to be able to withdraw it.

Another similarity between online gambling and sports betting is the element of risk: in both cases, the player risks his money in exchange for adrenaline. Of course, gamblers develop betting strategies for both casino winnings and sports betting, they try to analyze the slot mechanisms or team statistics. But the element of randomness cannot be ruled out in online gambling or sports betting. In both cases, you can either lose or win.


Online gambling and sports betting have their pros and cons, which we wrote about above.

If you want to bet a small amount and at one time to increase it a hundredfold, the online casino is the best option. It can be seen as temporary entertainment.

If you want to train your analytical skills, test your intuition and be more likely to win, then it would be wiser to choose sports betting. But you won’t get a lot of money quickly. Professionals have to study statistics, the form of each team for a long time and painstakingly and take into account many more factors to earn money.

A similarity between gambling and betting is the element of risk and excitement that attracts players. According to a study by scientists at Washington University, 80% of U.S. residents have gambled or bet on sports at some point in their lives. It is necessary to be able to stop in time and act in cold blood so that a harmless hobby does not become an addiction. Professionals also recommend betting small amounts of money, so that the loss does not cause serious damage.