Brief History of Gambling and Gambling Laws in Nevada

Gambling laws nevada

Gambling laws Nevada.

History has it that gaming has been an integral part of the state of Nevada’s culture even before the state was established. Gambling was illegal in the state from the 1800s to 1931. However, due to the economic hardship that befalls the state by the Depression, Nevada’s lawmakers had to legalize gambling to raise more revenue for the state’s survival. In 1931, the Assemble Bill 98 was introduced by the state Assemblyman named Phil Tobin.

This legislation made gambling open and legal in Nevada, which also ushered in the modern age of casinos that we know today. The first city in Nevada reaches limelight as a gaming center in Reno followed by Las Vegas. The first Nevada casinos offered table games and slots, while sports betting and Horse racing was included in 1949. In the United States, Nevada was the first state with regulated and licensed casinos until 1976.

  • Nevada was once known as the gaming mecca of the world.
  • The Nevada Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission control the states gambling laws and regulations.

Gambling Age Limit in Nevada

The state of Nevada has a law that limits the age of players that can play casino games and gamble within the state. The state gambling age law is strictly enforced and whoever is found violating the law will be penalised. People that are below age 21 are not allowed to gamble in the casino. The state is even stricter when it involves kids as kids are not allowed anywhere around the casino.

Reasons Why the state of Nevada has gambling age limit

There are reasons why the state of Nevada has enforce a law restricting the age players that can gamble at the casino. From the earlier section, we noted that only person that is above the age of 21 can gamble at casinos anywhere within the state. One of the reasons why the laws were enforced is to ensure that the underage are not exposed to gambling before they are of age.

Nevada 18+ casinos

Although we mentioned earlier that the age restriction for gambling in Nevada is 21 but there are some off-shore casino gambling that is licensed and open for betting for players between the age of 18 and 21. Some of the licensed off-shore that welcome players between in Nevada include Las Vegas USA, Vegas Casino Online and many more. Players above 18 years but not up to 21 can utilize the off-shore online casinos to enjoy casino games.

Penalty for going against the gambling age limit

The state of Nevada takes the gambling age limit seriously and some commissions oversee that gambling laws and regulations are strictly adhered to. The Nevada Gaming Commission controls that state law and regulations. There is a punishment for any casinos that are found guilty of allowing kids below the age of 21 to gamble to linger around the casino gaming areas. Any casino guilty of this offense can be largely fined or have their gambling license revoked.


The gambling age limit in the state of Nevada is 21. However, people between the age of 18 and 21 who cannot play at casinos in Nevada but want to enjoy online casino games can make use of licensed offshore online casinos. The gambling age law in Nevada is strictly enforced and does not allow kids anywhere around a casino. This is to ensure that underage people are not exposed to gambling at a tender age.

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